Welcome to Partnership, not consultancy..to Inspiration, not generic solutions.. to real value and success

Have you dealt with consultants before who provided you with generic solutions? Did you feel the "So What" feeling after a consulting session? Have you tried solutions that did not work for your organisation? Have you experienced leadership sessions that were "Nice to attend" but with no real outcome or reflection to business performance? Do you aspire to bring your employees to the top level of engagement? Are you in the middle of a change program and wish to drive it in the best way?
The above cases are exactly why INSPIRE has been built up. We are a group of very high caliber professional and academic people who aspire to ensure our solutions are at the "Right-fit" to each organisation and we follow on practical solutions to see them implemented and of value to each partner.
Our Pride: Leading Generations
INSPIRE team is proud to support the region in building the next generation of future leaders. We have supported several groups of young talented students, aged 14 and above, to take their first step in understanding and practicing leadership.
We strive to enable the next generation to face challenges as best as they can. We enable them with knowledge, experience and practice "Simulation Cases" that can help them realise options when facing similar challenges in their future.
Ask us
We are happy to share information with you and glad to offer support that is totally free of charge to universities, schools, charity societies, special needs societies and all those who seek knowledge and experience without a proper funding source. Social responsibility is not just a business goal, but an ethical responsibility towards the community. We were blessed to learn, and experience, and we are committed to give this back to those who need it as best as we can. 
Our Leadership team
INSPIRE has a very well selected team of partners and advisers. Our aim is to work on three main arms:
1. Professional experience. To understand needs and tailor workable solutions.
2.  Academic excellence. To benchmark best practice globally.
3. Regional operational engagement. The cultural and regional context: what makes it work! 
We bring the global best practice into local context..
INSPIRE in global media
Our work has been endorsed and recognised by several global and regional bodies.
See a snapshot of what was written on our work in several press editions and websites. 
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