Our Mission
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"I’m leading 3 teams from different cultural and ethnical back grounds. With limited face to face time, I face significant challenges to motivate and engage team members, or even to identify the factors that drive engagement and motivation. Tamer’s engagement tool is an online application in the form of 2 short questionnaires which are easy to administrate and takes less than 10 minutes for participants to complete. The results however are detailed and cross reference multiple factors that drive engagement and motivation based on the answers provided by participants. These factors are conveniently listed in a hierarchy to enable managers to identify the factors that are most likely to result in an engaging work environment.
Tamer’s application is very informative and provided me with easy to implement, practical focal points to motivate and retain employees. It reduced uncertainty and the associated time and cost, and I would highly recommend it as a management tool"
Christiaan Nel, Finance Director - Middle East, Africa, Russia & Eastern Europe at Eastman Kodak
"Tamer has been invited last September to present as a guest speaker at the London Business School in Dubai on the subject of Organizational Culture: Creating what you want to breed! His presentation was remarkable - professional, exciting, engaging and truly informative, on a topic that had been closely related to the subject of a recent course offered at LBS. The feedback received from participants was outstanding and we will ask Tamer to return as guest speaker at LBS in other occasions! Many thanks, Tamer, for a great experience!"

 Daniela Sfeir, Corporate relations, London Business School